Student Services Include (but are not limited to):

Read this college student's paper for an example of my review techniques.   Moll Flanders.  

1)  Undergrad student paper/essay edit:

Do you want to receive the grade you deserve for your fabulous ideas instead of being marked for your grammar, organization, and spelling errors?  

Do you want to learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie in a paper, or series of papers, so you can be a stronger writer with the next paper?  Then this service is for you!  
  • Each edit includes grammatical, proofreading, clarity, tone, and organization, as well as a critique of the overall scope of the project according to any provided rubric.  
  • Fact checking on nonfiction papers can be added for an additional fee

Undergrad Paper:

1 to 6 pages (or 1800 words): 

                Per word:  $0.02

7 or more pages: 

Per word:  $0.015

2)  Graduate Level Papers:

Have you been researching information on your grad-level paper or thesis and aren't sure how to organize it all into a usable paper?  Or, have you written the paper but aren't sure if you've formatted it correctly?  Do you know if you're following the appropriate formatting guidelines for the current year?  Don't take any chances!  The first 500 words of any grad-level paper over ten (10) pages are FREE.
  • This includes in-depth grammatical edit, detailed formatting, overall scope, clarity, organization, and checking citations for the appropriate style.  Rubric and/or requirements for paper must be included if available.
  • Fact checking can be added for an additional fee per word 
Price (before discounts):

Grad Level Paper:

1 to 10 pages (or up to 2700 words):

                Per word:  $0.025

11 or more pages:

                Per word:  $0.02

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