Sometimes, you just need a little one-on-one time to talk through problems you encounter in your writing path with an editor.  Maybe you've stumbled into killer writer's block and just need an editor's ear to bend as you explore possible ideas.  Or, perhaps you want to brainstorm an outline for a scene, a chapter, or even a whole novel together.  Maybe you've got some specific writing questions, or areas of concern, in which you'd like more focused attention.  These services are invaluable for everyone from beginners trying to break out in print to published authors and business owners.  

The best part?  The first phone or email consultation is free!

Private Phone or Google+ Coaching Session: 

30 minutes 

Booked in 30 minute increments, and can be booked 2 at a time.

30 Minute Coaching Session

60 minutes 

Booked in 1 hour increments and can not be broken in half. Can be booked 2 at a time.

60 Minute Coaching Session

* These sessions should be booked 1 to 2 weeks in advance to insure a spot.  Space is limited.  Payment must clear at least 24 hours before appointment, so plan accordingly.  Time slot will begin exactly as booked and end accordingly. If you are given a number to call, failure to call within 15 minutes of appointment time will result in forfeiting of the session and no reimbursement of the missed appointment.  If you are scheduled to receive a call and do not answer after three tries in the first 15 minutes, the same rule applies as above.  Punctuality is essential as others may be waiting for their session after yours.  Thank you for your consideration.

** Sessions are valid up to one year from purchase date, which will be noted on the receipt upon payment.  

Email Support and Coaching: 

(For existing and past customers only)

This service is a less expensive option and can accomplish just as much as a phone consultation. Before submitting your email, plan your list of questions, samples of scenes that need general guidance (up to 5 pages per email), skeletal outlines you'd like help with (along with a description of the areas of concern), and any other relevant material you feel necessary to help me in your quest.  

I will use what you've given me to answer your questions as best I can, point you in the right direction, and possibly suggest some valuable resources (many are free and available online, some in your certain area of struggle or in your chosen subject field, but some are my favorite writing resources I turn to myself when in need which you can often purchase used on  

My emails tend to be lengthy and detailed, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Email Support/Coaching

*The best part about email consultations is that no appointment is necessary!  Expect a response in 2-3 business days, but often you will hear back much sooner.

** Sessions are valid up to one year from purchase date, which will be noted on the receipt upon payment.   

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