The Secret Life of Jessica Drollette...Well, ok, not so secret :o)

Ink flows through my veins like blood, as well as computer bits and files.  I started writing at age six, wrote my first play at ten, started a school-wide writing club at 13, and was first published with recognition at fourteen.  My passion continued through college as I obtained a degree in elementary education with an emphasis in English.  I am also a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature.  

I am working on the second novel of an epic fantasy series, querying a nonfiction teen book on the history of the ninja, and writing freelance short stories/articles for magazines in my not-so-spare time.  I am also a part time interview journalist and producer for the Mormon Women Project.  I have one Yorkie, two adorable little girls, was lucky enough to marry Superman, and I have way too many books.  My Kindle didn't help clear the bookshelves much. :o).  

My most recent work was published by The Dangerous Behaviors Association of America and the Exponent II Magazine.

I am an active participant in "Book Country," a free writing critique service created by the owners of Penguin Publishing.  Look me up and you can read the reviews I've post on other's books.  Just remember, Mystic Manuscript edits will be much more detailed than the one's I've done on Book Country, on a word-by-word basis, not a general review.

Was also a judge in 2013 for the Global Ebook Awards, which was a wonderful experience!  

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