1)  Refer-a-Friend Program:

  • If you have a contract for a full manuscript review and you refer a friend, if they sign up for the full manuscript review as well, you will receive a 'punch' in your e-card.  For each 'punch' you collect, it is 10% off toward your next manuscript review.  There are 10 'punches' available, so if you get ten (10) of your author friends to sign contracts, you will have earned a FREE MANUSCRIPT EDIT worth up to $1000 on your next manuscript! 
  • You may cash your 'punches' in whenever you choose, and use however many off of your e-card as you choose at any time.
  • Manuscript edit punches can even be applied to chapter-by-chapter reviews or student services as well!
  • Punches are even transferable to other existing Mystic Manuscripts customers!
2)  The-More-We-Get-Together Program:
  • If three/four authors sign up for manuscript edits together and reference each other, an immediate 15% discount will be applied to their current manuscript reviews.
  • If five authors sign up for manuscripts edits together, an immediate 23% discount will be applied to their current manuscript reviews.  That could save you $250 immediately!
  • I may run other discounts and specials from time to time.  If you have received a business card, e-mail, or phone message from me or someone else with a special discount, please reference the code or where you were given the discount in your e-mail's subject heading.

 Student Services:

I am currently not accepting student papers at this time. If you have a previous student discount punch card, hold on to it. I will be resuming student papers shortly. Please contact me if you have any questions.

1)  More Pages = Less Per Word:

  • Grads or undergrads, if you have two or more essays under under 5 pages each to correct on the same work order, you will be discounted to the lower word per minute rate for a larger paper.
2)  Refer-a-Friend Program:

     If you have a contract with me for at least one paper already, or if I've previously edited a paper for you, this discount can apply.  
  • Undergrad Students:  You will receive a virtual 'punch' card with your first contract.  For every friend you refer to me for an edit that signs a contract, you will receive a punch on your e-card.  Once you have reached seven (7) punches, you have earned a free paper review of up to ten pages!
  • Punch card and punches are gift-able if you clear it with me first.
  • Grad Students:  You will receive a virtual 'punch' card with your first contract.  If your papers are not thesis length, you will qualify for the undergrad discount programs.  If you are contracted for a thesis edit, you can qualify for The-More-We-Get-Together manuscript program.
  • If you are contracted with me for a manuscript but can refer more students than manuscripts, when your student paper referrals reach 200 pages total, that will equal one manuscript referral. 
Business Package Specials:
  • TBA
Ghost Writing/Blog Specials:
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