Due to issues with Amazon's merchant account, and after thoroughly researching all my options, I have decided to return to using PayPal as my payment method of choice.  It has been revamped since I used it several years ago, and it seems that the encryption is unmatched.

Once we have agreed upon a package or plan, I will send you an invoice through PayPal.  I will be informed through email when your payment is received and processed.  After funds have cleared (sometimes within 24 hours, sometimes up to 3 days), I will send you instructions on how to proceed with your chosen package plan. 

If you still prefer to pay by physical check or money order through the mail, feel free to do so:

Jessica Drollette
P.O. Box 8405
Moscow, ID 83843

This method takes longer to process, but if you have a few extra days (or are local to the Moscow, ID area), this method might be a good choice and would save you the Paypal processing fee.

**  Note:  As of August 2013, I am trying to find a credit card company through which I can process my own payments with personal invoices, without the use of a 3rd party like PayPal.  I will hopefully have it available within the next few months.  Stay tuned...

If you have returned to this page after completing a payment through PayPal, your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase will be emailed to you shortly. You may log into your account at www.paypal.com/us to view details of this transaction. Thank you! 

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