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Rejection--it hurts. But here's how to lessen the blow.

Posted by Jessica Drollette on Thursday, March 8, 2012, In : self-publishing 

Does anyone enjoy receiving rejection letters?  We all know in the writing business that rejection letters often have their own file drawer, but the sting that sometimes accompanies rejection can be lessened by following some great advice by Tamela Hancock Murray from the Steve Laube Agency.

What is the worst (or best) rejection letter you've ever received?
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Keeping up with the Barns's (and Amazon!)

Posted by Jessica Drollette on Tuesday, March 6, 2012, In : self-publishing 

Are you following the publishing world debacle?  If you are, check out this article written recently on up-to-date information on the publishing ecosystem.  If you are not, this is a great article to get your feet wet.  

To summarize

The publishing world is moving through a shift--one that may take years to settle.  Like ripples in a rainstorm, the extent of effect it with have on not only publishers, but authors and even readers, is hard to tell.  One thing is clear: Amazon and Barnes and No...
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Who Controls Your Amazon E-book Price?

Posted by Jessica Drollette on Monday, February 20, 2012, In : self-publishing 

If you publish through, be aware of their right to change your pricing at any time. BUT, if you sign with them at $2.99, you will receive the 70% royalty rate, even if they drop your book to $0.99 (compared to the 35% rate that you sign for at $0.99/book in the beginning). This article is fascinating. Take the time to read the comments section as well.  Who Controls Your Amazon E-book Price? by Jim C. Hines.
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