What an exciting adventure!  I've been looking forward to hosting this contest for several weeks.  And now that the novel Curse of the Beast by Ashley Lavering is published, I can breathe easier for a while and focus more on hosting Mystic Manuscripts’ first writing contest.  

Do you want to see your work in print?  Unsure if your work is up to par?  Have you been published before and want the chance to show off your skills?  Send your submissions to the Mystic Manuscripts Spring Writing Contest!  For submitting, each story will receive a FREE personalized review with suggestions to strengthen their submission and head them toward publication.

Please submit your best work of up to 800 words.  This could be a fiction piece for children, a nonfiction piece for an adult science magazine, poetry, or a myriad of other options.  Please, no partial submissions (for example: the first 3 pages of a novel chapter, part of a screen play, etc).  Submissions must have a clear beginning, middle, and end.  [a1] 

Rules for Submissions:

  1. There is no fee to enter.

  2. No more than 800 words for the submission itself. Please only black and neutral font (like Arial black).  Word count does not include the author's name and contact info. Please don't disqualify yourself for failing to follow these simple guidelines!) 

  3. Only one entry per person.

  4. Any genre is acceptable. (Please keep content to PG-13. Aka: limit gore, profanity, and sexual content.)

  5. Follow formatting and submissions guidelines below.

  6. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. PST May 20th.  I will begin evaluating submissions as they come, so don't wait until the deadline to submit.

  7. No previously published work, please. (Published means you were paid for your work and/or it has been printed in ink or in an online magazine).

For fiction selections, I am looking for strong characterization, plot, setting, tension, and interesting dialogue.  For nonfiction, I am looking for clarity of thought, unique information on your chosen subject, sensory detail, and quick pacing.  Punctuation, spelling, and grammar are also important.  Please proofread!  I will evaluate each story on a scale from 1 to 10 and will make notes as I read each submission (which will be included in your review).


  • Send entries to mysticmanuscripts@gmail.com.

  • Write "Spring 2012 Writing Competition" in the subject line.

  • The submission needs to be included inside the body of the e-mail, NOT as an attachment.

  • Authors retain ALL publishing rights. 

  • Questions?  Please ask BEFORE you submit.  Once an entry is received, it cannot be resubmitted.


There will be one grand prize winner, runner-up, and third place winner.   

Winners will be notified by June 5th, 2012 by e-mail.  Winners will also be posted on this website and on Facebook.  A short synopsis of each winning entry will be posted in each location as well. 

Second and third place winners will receive a Gold Package Review of their submission worth $25 plus two stamps for the discount program.

Grand Prize winner will receive a Platinum Package Review worth $38 plus two stamps for the discount program!  They will also receive their choice of either a 2nd review of their submission after cleaning up the first draft or a personal phone/e-mail consultation to propel them toward publishers, writing a query letter, and preparing for magazine submission. Happy writing!