Hello my wonderful writing friends!  Thank you for your patience as I evaluated the entries for this competition.  I decided it wouldn't be too wise to judge them while on high doses of hydrocodone and pain.  But, here they are for your enjoyment!  

There were so many wonderful entries it was difficult to choose.  Several made me laugh out loud (not a great idea with stitches, but worth the endorphin rush) and some made me ponder deeply.  Without further rambling, let's get to the results!

#1:  Collin Simonsen:  "...that they were juiced beets, not cranberry sauce. This apple-beet juice just isn’t as popular with the old ladies. I heard they’re using it to dye the artificial flowers they made at the Relief Society meeting."

Thank you, Collin, for your unique voice and tart humor!  Watch for a coupon code for 10% off any editing service of your choice, including a manuscript edit!  (Good through 12/31/2012)

BUT WAIT!  Like I said, there were so many wonderful entries, I couldn't choose just one.  So, we have a prize for second and third as well!  

#2: Diane Yerka: "I wish someone had told me that my copy of Heart of Darkness was upside down. When Evan stared at me on his way to gym, I thought that he'd finally noticed my sexy-smart glasses and was going to ask me out. All that time spent in the boring section of the library would finally pay off. Instead, his laughter closed the book."

Diane, I'm dying to see where this is heading.  What a fantastic hook!  Look for a special coupon code in your inbox as well.


#3:  Amy Jene Bradfield:  "I wish someone would have told me that it was all real. Every story told to frighten carefree children to ridiculous legends meant only to entertain. If I would have accepted the reality of fairy tale then my current life would be much easier to come to terms with; now, I am them."

Amy, this sounds like a fabulous paranormal adventure!  I can only imagine what fairy tale creature she became.  Please check your inbox for a special prize as well.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in this month's writing prompt contest.  Look for more chances to enter in the coming months.  Our next contest will be a short story competition with publication on my site for the winner and a free edit to assist toward magazine publication!  More details will be announced in the next few weeks.  Remember to keep those creative juices flowing!